Dear Academy Fellows, Members and Guests:

Dr. Mark Hutten, the AAMP Executive Secretary-Treasurer has resigned on April 13, 2024, due to unforeseen health issues. The Executive Committee immediately met to discuss the best course of action to negotiate this unfortunate situation.  As we discussed our options, Dr. Jim Kelly kindly proposed that he would resign his position as Vice President Elect and is willing to assume the position as Executive Secretary Treasurer for the remaining term of Dr. Mark Hutten’s term given his past experience in the position. After much contemplation and discussion of options, the Executive Committee agreed with Dr. Jim Kelly serving as Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

Thereafter, the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee nominated Dr. Suresh Nayar for the Vice President-Elect position. These proposals were approved by the AAMP Board of Directors during the interim Board of Directors meeting on April 20, 2024.” 
Effective immediately, the following office will be filled by the following: 

-  Vice President-Elect: Dr. Suresh Nayar

-   Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. James Kelly 


Alvin G. Wee, DDS, PhD, MPH
AAMP President