Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we enter this Spring season of growth and renewal, it is heartening to think we are only a few months away from seeing each other in person at the 69th Annual Meeting in Austin. Our Board of Directors and Officers have been busy with monthly virtual meetings and had the first in-person Interim Board Meeting in two years in Chicago (April 9-10). The excitement of an in-person meeting was palpable and we look forward to gathering on October 30th in Austin. I would like to extend kudos to our Vice President Dr. Alvin Wee and his Program Committee for lining up some exciting speakers on the theme of “Treatment Longevity for the Maxillofacial Prosthetic Patient” for our 2022 Annual Session. Dr. Richard Cardoso, Chair of the Corporate Liaison Committee has done outstanding work lining up corporate sponsors for our Annual Session in these uncertain economic times. I commend all of our Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs and members for their tireless work on our behalf. I am proud of their dedication. I look forward to developing the next generation of AAMP leaders and encourage our younger members to get involved by contacting committee chairs. Thanks again for your continued commitment to our mission, and I hope to see everyone in-person in Austin.

Dr Joseph Huryn

President, AAMP