Memorandum of Understanding between the British Society of Prosthodontics (BSSPD) and AAMP.

A memorandum of understanding was agreed upon and signed between the British Society of Prosthodontics (BSSPD) and AAMP. The MOU promotes cooperation between the two organizations and builds strategic alliances and scientific collaboration.  It also allows members of each organization to attend the annual conference of the other organization as members.  AAMP Fellow Dr. Suresh Nayar, the President of BSSPD, signed the MOU with AAMP President Dr. Joseph Huryn on November 1, 2022, at the annual business meeting.

Dr. Suresh Nayar personally invites AAMP members to attend the British Society of Prosthodontics Platinum Jubilee conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom, on March 24 and 25, 2023.  It promises to be an exciting scientific and cultural event with international speakers from India, Israel, the US, Europe, and Canada, covering the whole gamut of Prosthodontics and a Bollywood-themed conference dinner.  The scientific session will be in an IMAX theatre that can house over 350 delegates, with a large area outside for the trade fair and refreshments.  The conference dinner will be in the atrium in the same venue with Indian cuisine and Bollywood entertainment. 

To register for the conference, please visit the following site:



The discount code to book at the BSSPD member rate of £415 is AAMP23 (The discount codes will discount full non-member attendance (without membership) £495 to full member attendance £415; and for postgraduates/ attendance from full DCT/StR/Postgrad non-member rate of £320 to full DCT/StR/Postgrad member rate of £270).  The conference dinner fee has been kept low (£40) to encourage all to attend and partake in the Indian cultural experience – so please register for the conference dinner! 

For accommodation, there are hotels in and around the Millennium Point (the venue) that can be booked.