Manuscript Guidelines for Patient Care Histories and Scientific Paper

Three patient care case reports are required and should demonstrate a variety of maxillofacial prosthetic skills and experiences. A case report should include a title page, an introduction to the specific patient need being addressed, medical history with significant factors identified, dental history and current dental status, description of care provided identifying special techniques and materials used, and an outcome or summary. Photographs to enhance the text material are desirable. Patient care case reports prepared as a resident of a Graduate dental training program or published in a refereed dental journal may be used to meet the requirements of the AAMP Fellowship Committee.

A scientific paper may be a paper prepared while in graduate training. The scientific paper may be on any topic of interest in the field of dentistry or medicine; it need not be limited to maxillofacial prosthetics. This could include a Masters Thesis or scientific publication. A scientific paper should include the following:
  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Summary and Conclusions