Requirements for Elevation to Fellow

A candidate is eligible for elevation from Associate member to full Fellow status when they have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. An associate fellow who has been in attendance at three consecutive annual scientific meetings of the AAMP unless excused by the Board of Directors following submission of a formal request.
  2. Must have three demonstrations of continued interest in the field of maxillofacial prosthetics through the below criteria. One or more of the criterion below may be demonstrated multiple times to achieve three demonstrations, or a single demonstration of three of the following will suffice:
    • essays related to the field of maxillofacial prosthetics
    • publications in peer reviewed journals
    • textbook chapters
    • presentation on maxillofacial prosthetics topics at local, national, or international meetings.
    • presentation on maxillofacial prosthetics topics via podcast, or other electronic presentation forms
  3. Applicant is encouraged to be in good standing of the ADA or equivalent organization in the country in which they practice and
  4. Applicant must submit a completed application 60 days in advance to the annual AAMP meeting or the AAMP interim board meeting. The application must be submitted to the fellowship chair which includes a mission statement on becoming a fellow, and after validation by the fellowship committee, the candidate will be voted on for approval by the AAMP Board of Directors.

For any questions, please contact the Executive Secretary of the AAMP.