How to Become a Member

Welcome! If you are interested in becoming a member, you are invited to attend our Annual Meeting as a guest, to become familiar with the membership and educational process. There are three primary membership tracks for the AAMP:

  • Affiliate Fellow
  • Allied Health Tech Auxiliary
  • Associate Fellow

Application Process and Membership Categories

Individuals eligible for membership in the AAMP include:

  • Licensed dentists in good standing in the country in which they practice and retain citizenship
  • Persons licensed, registered or otherwise permitted by law to practice as dental or maxillofacial prosthetic technicians who are involved in only non-independent or indirect patient care as directed or prescribed by a licensed dentist

All applicants must be supported by recommendation of two Fellows of the Academy. Any individual who meets the membership requirements must make application in writing on the Academy membership form. This form is available from the Executive Secretary or by direct download from this web site. Information entered on the application form must be typewritten.

Membership categories with their requirements as defined by the current AAMP Bylaws are provided in the respective Membership Requirements section of this web site.

The Executive Secretary will notify all applicants of the action taken by this Academy relative to their applications. The Executive Secretary will furnish each Associate Fellow with a copy of the Bylaws of the Academy. An applicant may attend the scientific program sessions of any Academy annual meeting while awaiting completion or action upon their application for Academy Membership and guest fees shall be waived.

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