Clinical Anaplastologist (Baltimore, MD)

The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine seeks an academic Clinical Anaplastologist for appointment as Instructor or Assistant Professor.

Candidates must be board certified in Clinical Anaplastology, Ocularistry, or related certification with a minimum of two-years of clinical experience in the design, production and fitting of facial, ocular and non-weight-bearing somatic prosthetic medical devices and custom surgical guides. Additional training and experience in advanced 3D technologies (scanning, design, printing) is desirable.

More information about the Johns Hopkins Facial Prosthetics Clinic can be found at:

Candidates will collaborate in patient care with faculty members in the Departments of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Ophthalmology. The successful candidate will contribute to clinical, research activities, and education of graduate students in Clinical Anaplastology.

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Application Instructions

Interested candidates should submit: • Cover letter describing what you can offer Hopkins’ students, faculty, patients, and your experience in patient care. • Teaching statement describing your teaching experience and philosophy. • CV including your education and professional and teaching experience. • Portfolio of 12-15 digital files representing clinical anaplastology work. • 3 professional references provided at time of application.


Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine

Baltimore, MD
United States

TEL: 410-955-3213


Application deadline: Nov 1, 2021