AAMP Joseph B. Barron Award

Recipients of the Barron Award:

2016Stephen S. Cherrington, D.D.S.
2013Lauren M. Bolding, DDS, MS, FACP
2012Terry Y. Lin, DDS, MS, FACP
2011Ryan C. Wallace, DDS, FACP
2010Major Thomas R. Gunnell, DDS, FACP, FICOI
2009James A. Kelly, DDS, MS
2008Michael Forde, DDS, MDS
2001Vladamir Frias, DDS, MS

Established in remembrance of Dr. Joseph B. Barron, Past President of the AAMP and Ackerman Award Winner, to recognize Maxillofacial Prosthetic Residents who exemplify personal qualities and academic prowess with a potential to be major contributors to the specialty, Fellows in the Academy, and future leaders.

Barron Award Guidelines are:

  1. The candidate shall be/should have been a resident or fellow in an ADA approved or equivalent maxillofacial residency/fellowship program in the year of selection.
  2. The candidate should demonstrate exceptional ability in clinical, educational, and research skills.
  3. The candidate should demonstrate significant community involvement, such as outreach programs in the local, national, or international community.
  4. Candidates should have accomplished one or more of the following in order to be recommended for the award:
  • Received or are eligible for professional accolades or awards
  • Published articles, a thesis, or other worthy educational materials.
  • Presented oral papers, abstracts, or scientific posters.
  1. The Chairperson will forward the required Barron Award Nomination Form to all MF program mentors
  2. Nomination, ratings of accomplishments and comments are to come from the program mentor on the required Barron Award Nomination Form returned to the Chairperson.
  3. The Chairperson will forward the nomination forms to all committee members for review and selection process.
  4. The ST shall conduct the search and determine the final selection of the Barron Award Candidate no later than July 15th of the calendar year so as to provide an award plaque at the time of the annual meeting.
  5. The ST and the Chairperson should inform the awardee and assist with registration for the meeting. No fees are waived for the awardee.
  6. The award shall be formally presented at the Annual Banquet or Annual Session.
  7. The ST shall provide the name and suitable images to the appropriate professional journals no later than November 15th.
  8. The Barron award winner will receive a monetary and/or in kind benefit to be determined by the Board of Directors at the interim meeting.
  9. Other awards: Recommend other types of special recognition that should be given to Academy members.

In addition to a Cash Award of $500.00, the Academy purchases the plaque commemorating the Award for the winner.