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Workshop #1
Advanced Jaw Reconstruction
iRSM & The University of Alberta

Presented By: Martin Osswald, BDS, MDent & Hadi Seikaly, MD, FRCSC
Time Offered
: Monday, October 3 (14:30-16:45)

Course Objectives: The utilization of micro vascular free flap grafts changed maxillofacial prosthodontic practice in the rehabilitation of jaw defects. Free flap surgery in the rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients in Edmonton has become the mainstay surgical approach in restoring head and neck defects following resection of tumors.
This almost exclusively surgical approach to treatment has resulted in a paradigm shift in the practice and services offered by Maxillofacial Prosthodontists at the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) and the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Combined with free flap surgeries is the utilization of advanced digital technologies and the development of prefabricated osseous flaps for implant rehabilitation. Maxillofacial prosthodontits’ roles, expertise and tools have changed in response to these developments and they need to collaborate and work closely with their surgeons, technicians and new disciplines such Surgical Design Simulation, as the treatment trajectory for our patients has evolved and changed.
The workshop aims to demonstrate these processes, describing the surgical simulation and reconstruction techniques for the maxilla and mandible utilized by the reconstruction team at iRSM and the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Limited Availability! Register today to reserve your seat.

Price: $125.00 USD / person ($175.00 after September 15th)

Workshop #2
The Art & the Science of Silicone
Factor II, Incorporated

Presented By: John McFall
Time Offered
: Tuesday, October 4 (14:30-16:45)

Course Objectives: The purpose of this workshop is to identify the choice of silicones; the Maxillofacial community is a limited market, what materials are available.  The ideal approach on choosing the best silicone is to know what to use and why!  The ability to create a quality facial prosthesis is a combination of art (artistic talent) as well as the Science (knowledge) of the silicone, and mold making skills.
What silicone choice and variations will be demonstrated and the participants will have the ability to work with a multitude of silicones. Participants will be exposed to a variety of Platinum (addition) cure silicone elastomers from Shore 05 A to Shore 80 A.

Limited Availability! Register today to reserve your seat.

Price: $125.00 USD / person ($175.00 after September 15th)



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