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Oral Presentations

Presentation Format
Your PowerPoint digital presentation will be projected on to a screen with 4:3 ratio
Please format presentation slides accordingly

Screen Size
Presentation screens will be approximately 9ft x 12ft 

Conference Computer Platform
Microsoft XP. Software: PowerPoint version 2010.  Our conference computers are PC (not Apple).  If you plan to run your presentation on the conference computer, and use an Apple computer, test your presentation on a PC prior to meeting date.

Oral Lecture Presentation Options for Invited Speakers

Option #1: We prefer to load your presentation on our conference computer to ensure a smooth transition between presentations. Name your PowerPoint file “First_Lastname.ppt” so that we may easily distinguish between presentations.  File names such as "AAMP2016.ppt” or “SanDiego.ppt” should not be used.  We will transfer your presentation to our conference laptop and review prior to meeting. If any problems occur, we will contact you.  Please submit your presentation to the AV desk no later than one hour before the start of each meeting to ensure enough time for review and test.

Option #2
: We will have laptop computer connections at the speaker podium for those who insist on using their own laptop for presentation.
If you plan to use your own laptop computer:
  • Make sure you know how to operate your computer and are able to toggle between LCD/External monitor.
  • Disable any virus scanners and other programs that can interrupt the show with pop-ups. Disable screen saver and computer settings that go in to hibernate and saver mode. 
  • Run your presentation on an LCD and make sure that video will show on both your laptop screen and the LCD/Projector.
  • You must run your computer with a power cord. - MAKE SURE YOU BRING ALL NECESSARY EQUIPMENT.
  • Apple Computers require adapter cable to link to our VGA cable
Presentation Suggestions
Maximum file size for PowerPoint presentations should be limited to no more than 200MB.  Keep photos and video to a reasonable file size.
  • Optimize your photos.
  • Save sound, video and any linked images with the PowerPoint file on your CD or USB
  • It is best to format your presentation file on PC computer.
  • To ensure your fonts are recognized on our conference computers, use standard recognized fonts in your presentation.
  • On-site presentation transfer: Bring a USB storage device with all files.
  • Bring a backup of presentation (USB storage device).
  • Bring your personal laptop if you intend to edit presentation on-site.  Our General Session conference computer will not be available for editing personal presentations.
  • Conference registration desk will provide a laptop for presentation "reviewing".   Software on this laptop may not be appropriate for editing your presentation.
  • If you need to rehearse your presentation in the general session room, please do so at least one day prior to your presentation.
Poster Presentations

Guidelines & Format for Poster Competition

The Poster Competition is restricted to those delegates who are currently AAMP Student Members.
Students can apply for AAMP Student membership by clicking on the following link: Student Membership Application (click)

First, Second and Third place awards will be given


  1. Compose an abstract of your presentation and submit it on our website no later than August 18, 2016.
    * 15 maximum word count on the title of the abstract
    * 400 maximum word count on the body of the abstract

  2. Presentations may be either a Controlled Research Study or Clinical Case Report.

  3. You must be the primary (first) author of your presentation

  4. Posters must be set up one hour in advance of the competition and remain in place during the assigned time of the poster presentation session and throughout the conference. The presenter is responsible to disassemble and remove the poster at the end of the session. The AAMP is not responsible for posters and materials left on display after presentation times.

  5. Presenters must be available to present to the judges at the assigned time, and then remain in place and present to the general assembly during the designated poster session time.

  6. Mentors and co-authors may be present to assist in answering questions, but may not present in place of the primary author.

  7. Presenters who submit abstracts that are accepted for presentation and then fail to attend the session may not submit for the following year's poster session without an acceptable explanation to the Chair of the Research Committee.

  8. Any presenter not complying with the guidelines outlined herein may be disqualified from the competition.
Format for All Posters

  1. Poster dimensions should NOT exceed 40 inches high by 60 inches wide (dimensions of poster foam board)

  2. It is the responsibility of the presenter to support their poster on a table, which is provided by the Hotel.

  3. The author is free to use their discretion in the use of photographs, tables, charts, figures, text, as well as models or casts, or other objects serving to illustrate or support their presentation.

  4. Projectors, or other audio-visual equipment CANNOT be used. No electrical outlets or capacity is provided.

  5. Clinical Case Reports should include a literature review, definition of problem to be solved and the criteria to justify the materials and procedures you are using.

  6. Controlled Research Studies should include a literature review, hypothesis, methods and materials, results and conclusions.

  7. Define all trace or product names first, the subsequently in generic terms. All compounds, materials, or drugs must be identified

  8. The oral presentation should be brief, concise and summarized in an organized fashion. Generally, the judges allow 10 minutes per presenter. You should be knowledgeable about your subject and be prepared to answer questions during your presentation.


Any special request not addressed in this document should be brought to the conference audiovisual staff, please contact RES Seminars at as soon as possible.