Requirements for Associate Fellow

  1. Upon successfully completing of an ADA accredited prosthodontic program and becoming educationally qualified for certification by the American Board of Prosthodontics, a candidate may apply for Associate Fellow status.

  2. Be a licensed dentist in the country in which they practice and retain citizenship.

  3. Be a member in good standing in the American Dental Association or an equivalent organization in the country in which they practice and retain citizenship.

  4. The individual must demonstrate evidence of interest in maxillofacial prosthetics through clinical, educational, or research endeavors.

  5. Associate members may be elevated to full Fellow status in three years if they meet the requirements for full Fellow upon such recommendation by the Fellowship Committee.

  6. First year AAMP membership dues will be waived for approved applications received within one year of the completion of any ADA accredited prosthodontic training program. This waiver will also include the JPD subscription fee for the first membership year.

  7. An applicant accepted for membership and joining after one year of completing their program will be charged only one-third of the AAMP membership dues for their first year of membership.

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